In music, a band must keep track of the rhythm to know when to enter and play on beat. This is the similar to the Coroutines we use in Unity. Coroutines allows is to create sequence events that allow us to yield events. Like creating Choreograph in our game.

Specifically we used the coroutine IEnumerator.. a function that has the ability to pause execution & return control to unity but then continue where it left off on the following frame.

SO why do we use IEnumerator? In other words, instead of using void in our method. The IEnumerator allows us…

Kaboom! What game logic do we use when our game objects collide with one another? Well first things first in our Unity game, we need to

1st: make sure that the certain objects have the “is Trigger” activated — to ensure that the object through objects and not bounce off”

2nd: We need to determine which objects have the Rigidbody Component (physics to an object). In my game, we ensure that enemy and laser objects have the ‘is Trigger’ on and Rigidbody Component.

To set up Collision in our script we need to ensure that we have tags on our…

Day 4 : December 7, 2020

In a world of prefabs and instantiations, I have learned to create Capsule game object into mini laser beams. How? We create a laser object in Project view under the prefab folder and passed that in to the inspector-Player(script)- laserPrefab (which we created is our script). This way our script has a reference + holder for that object… so now it can be instantiated. My player was able to spawn multiple little pellets when ever I hit the space bar.

But its called laser for a reason, so what did we do? We shoot! How? Well we used the same…

Day 3: Dec 4 2020 @ 2:17 am

Player Script

  • We can move a player speed value in real time. How? Inspect -> player script -> click ‘speed’ & find variable input will follow mouse.
  • How to keep a variable private but allow designer to play with speed? while not having to open the script to change its value? [Serialized Field]. Its uses attributes and allows us to read and write in the inspector. Designers play with value, BUT other game objects can’t change the value.

Methods (*important concepts)

  • Allows us to effectively organize code and efficiently detect bugs. We can create custom methods.
  • void Update() is automatically…

Day 2: December 1, 2020

I tried a different approach today. I was feeling a bit ambitious. Maybe a little too ambitious. Why? Well, when learning to code and having great video lectures that shows you everything step by step; we tend to get a little ahead of our selves. Are we really understanding the concepts? Or are we just coping and pasting.

I wanted to put this to the test. It has been years since I coded something, but I must admit, I think I was in over my head when I thought the first day “easy peasy”. An epiphany is what I had…

Day 1: November 30, 2020

First day launching Unity and my eyes almost feel outside of my face, like I stepped in a whole different universe. Yes, Unity interface is nothing short of intimidating. Flabbergasted where to even start, I dive deep into the video lectures praying if I am even able to navigate through this platform.

There were some problems. My mind could not wrap around how to Manipulate Game Objects and Maneuver in the Environment. I kept losing my point of reference of the main camera and while trying to understand my object’s position and rotation in the Scene view & Game view…

Karissa Huynh

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