Day 1: November 30, 2020

First day launching Unity and my eyes almost feel outside of my face, like I stepped in a whole different universe. Yes, Unity interface is nothing short of intimidating. Flabbergasted where to even start, I dive deep into the video lectures praying if I am even able to navigate through this platform.

There were some problems. My mind could not wrap around how to Manipulate Game Objects and Maneuver in the Environment. I kept losing my point of reference of the main camera and while trying to understand my object’s position and rotation in the Scene view & Game view. I was a mess… but at least no one could see it in the Game view…

In the end, it wasn’t too bad. I put my confusions aside and let my curious side take over. I decided “I’m not going to rush this process” so step by step I stopped and played the video lectures, then put it into practice. I kept playing around with the interface until got comfortable with the dimensions of Unity. It took maybe 10 minutes. And the rest was a breeze.

We then get into scripting. Ah good ole C sharp. It was a nice review to go over. Some Important Concepts of the Day: Access Modifiers. Access modifiers are keywords used to specify the declared accessibility of a member or a type.

  • Public: Access is not restricted.

-> Ex: Public variables are able to communicate with the outside world.

  • Private: Access is limited to the containing type.

-> Ex: Public variables are only seen its contained class and not by other classes

Having previous experience with C was helpful. But if there is one thing I want to get out of this, is to be better with debugging silly errors like a misspelt syntax! Because you bet I definitely ran into this problem multiple times. For tomorrow? Maybe I’ll try to link up Visual Studio instead of Sublime as an editor.

All in all, for my first day I was happy with the outcome. From the problems that I faced, I was able to find what works best for me. My new learning technique routine? Watch. Practice. Watch. Confused? Rewind. Maybe even take notes. Hope it helps!

  • Karissa